International 9100i Series – Metal Dash Replacement


Test and fits with slight adjustments on years: 2000-2003

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The rigorous demands placed on your International 9100i series necessitate a dependable solution for addressing minor issues that could lead to substantial time and financial losses. Our metal dash panel provides a robust alternative to the OEM plastic counterpart, specifically tailored to withstand the continuous use of the air brake controller. The frequent replacement cycle every two years for the plastic dash can become a burdensome and costly process, especially for fleet owners.

Designed as a direct and effective replacement for your International 9100i series semi-truck, our metal dash panel requires only minimal modifications if needed at all. Its steel construction seamlessly bolts back into place, restoring a complete factory appearance. The installation process is user-friendly, demanding only common tools readily available in any shop. We confidently stand behind the quality and strength of our product, offering a guarantee, and are eager to share the advantages of our enhanced dash solution with all International truck owners.