International 9900i Series – Metal Dash Replacement


Test and fits with slight adjustments on years: 2000-2017, Also fits 1998 & 1999 with adjustments for heating and air panel.

+ Shipping included within the United States, +$55 for Shipping to Canada.

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Your industrious International 9900 bears the burden of small issues that translate into significant time and financial losses. Addressing this concern, our metal dash panel was specifically designed to offer a robust solution. The OEM plastic dash panel proves insufficient in withstanding the continuous use of the air brake controller, leading to a biennial dash replacement routine. For fleet owners managing a lineup of semis, the resulting downtime and financial implications accumulate swiftly.

Our metal dash panel stands as a direct remedy for your International 9900 semi-truck. Requiring only minor modifications, our steel dash panel effortlessly bolts back into place with precision, recreating a seamless factory appearance. The installation process is straightforward, demanding only common tools readily available in any shop. We stand by the quality and strength of our product, providing a guarantee, and eagerly aim to share the benefits of our enhanced dash solution with all International truck owners.