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Upgrade Your International 9900 with Our Robust Metal Dash Panel

Your hardworking International 9900 faces a multitude of challenges on the road, from long hauls to tough terrain. However, one issue that shouldn’t weigh on your shoulders is the constant need for dash panel replacements. At Jacobi Dash Panels, we understand the frustration and financial strain caused by the OEM plastic dash panels that struggle to keep up with the demands of your air brake controller.

That’s why we’ve engineered a metal dash panel specifically designed to offer a robust solution for your International 9900 semi-truck. Unlike the OEM plastic panels that require biennial replacements, our metal dash panel is built to last, saving you time and money on frequent repairs and downtime.

The installation process couldn’t be easier. With only minor modifications required, our steel dash panel seamlessly bolts back into place with precision, recreating a factory appearance that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your truck. And you don’t need specialized tools – just common tools readily available in any shop.

At Jacobi Dash Panels, we stand by the quality and strength of our product. That’s why we provide a guarantee, ensuring that you can trust in the durability and reliability of our metal dash panel. We’re committed to sharing the benefits of our enhanced dash solution with all International truck owners, helping you maximize efficiency and minimize downtime on the road.

Upgrade your International 9900 with Jacobi Dash Panels and experience the difference firsthand. Invest in a solution that stands up to the rigors of the road, so you can focus on what matters most – keeping your trucking business moving forward.

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1998 & 1999*


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*These model years may require some minor modification. See shop or installation page for more details

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